Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist assists clients in their ability to gain greater indepenance, this is achieved by providing assistance to overcome many different issues arising from the clients state of health.

The OT service currently operates on a fortnightly basis. If you wish to make an appointment to see the OT you will first need a referral from a medical professional.

How can an OT assist you?

  • To help you and your family feel more
    comfortable with making changes

  • Evaluate your situation and assist you in
    gaining the right equipment to support you

  • Assist with appropriate referrals in your health service area

Why would you see an OT?

  • You are having difficulties with
    showering, bathing or dressing

  • You are finding that housework,
    shopping and gardening are
    becoming difficult
  • You are having difficulties with walking, stairs and going out
For further information or an appointment


Nathalia District Hospital & Banawah Nursing Home
36-44 McDonell St, Nathalia, VIC 3638
Phone: (03) 58669444
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