Office Hours

The general office is open between 8.00am and 4.30pm from Monday to Friday.


The telephone is available to contractors for local calls in urgent situation. Personal telephone calls are kept to a minimum.

Smoke Free Work Place

The Hospital has a smoke free work place policy which prohibits smoking in both buildings and the Hospital grounds

Nursing Home residents may smoke in the designated court yard as this is their home.

Security Identification

Upon arriving at the site, contractors and self employed persons are required to check in with the administrative staff (during office hours) or the nurse in charge (after normal working hours) for instruction on service and/or other requirements.

There is a sign in book at the maintenance office and also at the Hospital front reception, contractors are requested to sign the book and use the sign on slip as security identification whislt working within the facility. On leaving, please sign out, leave instructions on work completed at the maintenance office or front reception together with recommendations for further work, and return the identification tag.

Comments and Complaints

A comments/complaints form is inlcuded in your package. This can be posted to the

Quality Coordinator
Nathalia District Hospital
36-44 McDonell St
Nathalia, VIC 3638

or handed in at reception. These forms are your opportunity to express any concerns you may have. Remember, if management don't know about it, they can't fix it.

Settlement of Disputes

Dispute settlement procedures are generally included in Enterprise Agreements. Nathalia District Hospital's policy called 'Grievance Procedure' can be found in the Human Resources Manual. A copy can be provided on request.

Annual Evaluation

you will be invited to be part of our annual review process aimed at identifying, evaluating and developing work performance of our employees, to more effectively acheive organisational goals and objectives. At the same time employees benefit through recognition and feedback.

You will receive an annual review form at the end of your first year of service to our organisation and annually from that date.

Hand Washing Facilities

There are hand washing facilities, staff toilets and a staff amentities room with tea and coffee making facilities at your disposal. Ask at reception to be directed to this area.

Energy Conservation

You are requested to contribute to our energy conservation efforts by switching off unnecessary lights and equipment, as well as closing doors and windows when the Hospital is being heated or cooled. This does not include battery backup equipment.

Waste Management

To assist in cost saving, please avoid waste of materials and services such as water, gas, electricity and consumables such as paper etc.

There are waste disposal bins in most areas of the Hospital, please dispose of your waste appropriately.

Occupational Health & Safety

To protect your own health and safety at work you are expected to work within the guidelines and recommendations of Workcover and the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004. You are also requested to obey any reasonable instructions given in relation to this policy. This included the use of personal protective equipment, keeping fire access free at all times, and ensuring appropriate safety procedures are followed for welding and entering confined spaces. There is asbestos in some areas of the old building, if you are unsure of the area you are working in, please consult management.

Completion of appropriate documentation is required before undertaking dangerous activities. These include hot works permits, working at heights, entry to cinfined spaces and job safety analysis.






If you identify any risks whilst working please alert reception immediately

First Aid

There is first aid assistance available if you are injured on site. Information is available at reception.

Any injury or accident should be promptly reported to recpetion

Privacy, Confidentiality & Security Agreement

Under the Health Privacy Act July 2002 all persons employed or contracted to the hospital are required to sign the Privacy, Confidentiality & Security Agreement form to meet legislative requirements. Failure to sign and return the form to Nathalia District Hospital will void all contracts or agreements .

All contractors will receive two copies of the form, one for your file and one to be signed and returned to Nathalia District Hospital as soon as possible.