Urgent Care

Nathalia District Hospital has a 24 hour unfunded Urgent Care Centre

Some examples of why you may need this service:

  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Bleeding
  • A bee bite and you're severly allergic to bees

How to access Urgent Care Centre:

  • In an emergency come directly to the hospital
  • By coming to the main entrance where there is a bell to press and intercom if after hours
  • For non life threatening situations a telephone call to the hospital first is recommended

Please note that the Urgent Care Centre is not funded and the attending Doctor will charge a consultation fee.

If time is crtitical, don't delay. RING 000 for ambulance service


Nathalia District Hospital & Banawah Nursing Home
36-44 McDonell St, Nathalia, VIC 3638
Phone: (03) 58669444
(03) 58662042